TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals Past Photo Of Her Mom At Her Age—And They’re Both Stunning

They look alike!

If anyone wants to know where TWICE‘s Nayeon got her beauty from, look no further than her beautiful mom!

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Recently, Nayeon took fans with her as she prepared a gift for her Secret Friend. During the vlog, she stopped by her room to show some precious items that she keeps in her closet.

One of the first items she showed was a picture frame that her mom had made for her. “This is something my mom made me.

It wasn’t just any typical frame, though! It included a photo of Nayeon from “Dance The Night Away” promotions beside a photo of her mom from when she was younger.

This is a movie poster, and this was my mom when she was young.

— Nayeon

A few years ago, Nayeon’s mom shared the exact same photos on Instagram, and it was easy to see their close resemblance!

Nayeon expressed disbelief at how similar they look. Their matching outfits and hair accessories emphasized their similarities.

We look so alike. The outfit is similar and the hairpin, too.

— Nayeon

In fact, that’s exactly the reason why her mom made the picture frame. “We look extremely alike, so my mom made this.

The celebrity genes are strong in this family!

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Watch Nayeon’s entertaining vlog below.

Source: TWICE