TWICE’s Nayeon Opens Up About The Pressure Of Recording For Her Solo Debut

“It’s not easy!”

TWICE‘s Nayeon is currently promoting her first solo mini-album, IM NAYEON.

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As the first member of the popular girl group to make their official solo debut, Nayeon felt the pressure to do well not just for herself but for TWICE.

In a new video on TWICE’s official YouTube channel titled, Who am I? “IM NAYEON,” the TWICE member takes fans behind the scenes of her solo preparations.

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The video started with Nayeon explaining that she learned about her solo debut when JYP Entertainment presented TWICE with their annual schedule. Initially, she was excited, but when she went home, she was overcome with the weight of leading TWICE’s solo promotions and performing without her fellow members.

I didn’t think I could do it. I went, ‘Should I tell them I can’t do it?’ I suddenly got so scared.

— Nayeon

Luckily, Nayeon knew it was a special opportunity and decided to continue forward. Her fellow TWICE members showered her in support, making the decision easier.

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Nayeon also had the support of JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park.

[J.Y. Park] told me this, ‘doing your best for your solo album is also good for TWICE, and that great energy can spread.’ What he told me really lifted me up.

— Nayeon

Nayeon was hands-on throughout the preparations for her mini-album. She pushed herself to be involved and outspoken in creative decisions, from her outfits to the concept for the mini-album.

Nayeon’s biggest hurdle was overcoming her mental blocks while recording her songs. In the behind-the-scenes clip, Nayeon showed her hard work in the studio, diligently practicing her lines. She revealed she always feels nervous going into the recording studio, knowing that her final recordings are permanent. How her voice sounds while recording depends on her condition on any given day.

Nayeon shared that she knows she can work to improve the next performance when she makes a mistake on stage. Unlike a stage performance, once an album is recorded and released, there is no turning back.

Because of the pressure she felt, she sadly broke down many times.

After months of hard work, Nayeon made it a goal to worry less and try to have more fun. Eventually, she realized she wasn’t trying anymore and was genuinely enjoying her time making IM NAYEON.

Overall, Nayeon was content with how everything turned out.

To see how it all came together, check out Nayeon’s title track, “Pop!,” below!

Source: YouTube