TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals How The Group Overcomes Arguments Between Them

They may not always agree but are quick to solve it.

The members of idol groups spend nearly twenty-four hours together, between living in dorms and fulfilling their schedules. Mix in different personalities and mannerisms, and this can naturally cause problems between them.

During Nayeon‘s interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, where she’s featured in the upcoming March issue, the magazine asked her how TWICE handle these types of situations among them.

In addressing the question, she admitted that they were just like any other group; they did indeed get into disagreements. Theirs were a little different, though.

Rather than arguing from a place of jealousy or negativity to simply upset one another, they’re voicing their differing opinions, which causes clashes between them. Even so, they don’t let these disagreements get in the way of caring about each other and functioning as a group.

Since they’ve spent many years together, they’ve all grown to understand each other’s personalities. Because of that, they’re able to work through their problems in a way that’s beneficial to everyone.

Most importantly, Nayeon pointed out that the nine of them have seemed to come to the same conclusion: in order for the group to shine, everyone has to make sacrifices for all of them to succeed and keep the balance between them.

Every group faces their own problems when it comes to the relationships between the members. What’s important is figuring out how to overcome them and working toward becoming a better group together.