TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals The Members She Has Special Bonds With

They’re all her “soulmates,” but there’s special bonds they share.

For the March issue of Cosmopolitan KoreaTWICE‘s Nayeon featured in the issue alongside Ha Sungwoon. During her interview, she opened up about a few different topics concerning her personal feelings along with questions about her group.

One of them was if she’s had a member she was closest to out of all the members. Within a group, it’s common to have a special connection with someone who understands you best.

Nayeon is so close to all of her members that she’d said, “The eight members are all my soulmates.” She didn’t feel any type of awkwardness with saying the statement. She did have a few members who understood her best, though.

The first member she named was Momo. Nayeon wanted to show her appreciation for her. Since Momo is the one who she spends time with most, Nayeon’s happy to have such a good person by her side.

She then mentioned Chaeyoung. Nayeon pointed out how her young age doesn’t have any bearing on her character. Whenever she needs a shoulder to lean on, Chaeyoung is right there.

Chaeyoung’s the person who Nayeon can rely on when she’s having a hard time, which explains why she was the one who posted a warning to Nayeon’s stalker.

Nayeon’s relationship with Jeongyeon was a bit harder for her to explain. Since they’ve known each other for such a long time and have different personalities, it wasn’t always a walk in the park.

Although they’ve argued and clashed, it actually brought them closer together. Addressing their differences has made them fully understand each other better than ever.

When it came to the long period of time they’ve known each other, Nayeon felt similarly with Jihyo. All the time they’ve spent together naturally caused them to understand each other.

Nayeon may have specific areas where she’s able to bond with some members closely, but she has a special place in her heart for all of them. After all, they’re all her soulmates.