TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals The One Rule TWICE Has Before Uploading On Instagram

Imagine getting your photos roasted by TWICE!

While TWICE‘s Nayeon and Chaeyoung were on the web series My Alcohol Diary with Lee Young Ji, they discussed how it was becoming more popular for idols to have personal social media accounts.

TWICE’s Nayeon (left) and Lee Young Ji (right) on My Alcohol Diary | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

While Chaeyoung was in the bathroom, Lee Young Ji asked how they could resist uploading photos on a whim now that they also have individual accounts. Nayeon explained that when they just had a group account, they could only upload pictures that looked good.

She shared that now that they have their own accounts, they had a singular new rule, “It should be something that doesn’t matter to anyone.” She also shared how she always follows it, “What I do is that I first show it to the friends and members, and when they approve, then I upload it.

Lee Young Ji approved of her full-proof strategy to avoid making a mistake while uploading to Instagram, something other idols have fallen victim to in the past.

Nayeon also pointed out the technique’s flaws, given that the members are free to comment on her photos. She said, “I often ask the members to check, and when they say it’s really bad, they even say it’s not even worth posting on the story.

The TWICE members are savages! It’s great that the members’ Instagram accounts are protected, but there are definitely ONCEs who would appreciate seeing uncurated photos from time to time.

Watch TWICE’s Nayeon and Chaeyoung on My Alcohol Diary with Lee Young Ji below.

Source: My Alcohol Diary