TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals Their Stance On Singing In Other Languages

She shared their thoughts about it.

In an interview with TIME, TWICE discussed managing their mental health and facing anxiety. In the same vein, they shared the goal of fulfilling fans’ expectations and realizing how much their fandom has grown internationally.

From the time they debuted until recently, Sana has noticed the various nationalities that are supporting them. It made them realize they’re well on their way to increasing their status as an international group.

From the time we debuted, it was mostly domestic fans. We can see how fans’ nationalities are expanding.

Since they have intentions to reach their fans all around the world, the topic of singing in other languages came up.

Nayeon spoke for the group when she shared their willingness to sing in other languages for international fans, even though they’ve only officially debuted in Korea and Japan.

We have debuted in Japan and Korea, but we also really want to make songs in other languages for global fans if there is an opportunity.

TWICE may currently have Korean and Japanese releases under their belt. That won’t stop them from branching out into other areas if given a chance.

Source: TIME