TWICE’s Nayeon Saved Momo From Accidentally Flashing The Middle Finger

Nayeon’s quick thinking came to the rescue.

Out of all of TWICE‘s funny moments, one behind-the-scenes clip has fans laughing all over again thanks to Nayeon saving Momo from accidentally flashing her middle finger.

Momo and Nayeon. | @twicetagram/Instagram

While filming for Show Champion, Jihyo and Nayeon tested Momo’s Korean vocabulary. Since thumb and index finger sound similar in Korean, they started with the thumb. Momo answered it correctly but got a bit confused for the next question.

When Nayeon asked which finger was the index finger, Momo couldn’t translate the word and held up every finger except her thumb. Jihyo and Nayeon couldn’t help but laugh at Momo’s cleverness.

After Nayeon showed Momo the correct finger, Jihyo stepped it up a notch by asking which one was the ring finger. Knowing it didn’t mean the pinky finger, Momo had two options left, slowly lifting up her middle finger. Nayeon immediately noticed and covered Momo’s hand.

All three of them burst into laughter, avoiding a questionable moment and turning it into a funny one. Nayeon even said, “This is going to become legendary.

Nayeon wasn’t wrong since ONCEs are still laughing about it and are thankful she stepped in so quickly.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Between Momo’s wittiness and Nayeon’s quick thinking, check out the funny moment here.