TWICE’s Nayeon Says There’s Only One TWICE Song With Harder Choreography Than “Pop!”

She said that the difficulty of the song could never be topped.

Recently, fans got a behind-the-scenes look at TWICE‘s “Talk That Talk” dance practice on the group’s YouTube channel. The girls were hard at work perfecting the choreography and matching their movements precisely.

TWICE members practicing the choreography for “Talk That Talk” | TWICE/YouTube

They also had to ensure there would be no accidents when performing the song on stage!

The members weren’t used to the fast beat and quickly became tired. Still, like true professionals, they pushed through the pain and kept going!

Finally, when they had a break, all the members plopped down, exhausted.

While resting, Nayeon commented and caught the others off guard, “But this is easier than other songs.” She was referring to her solo comeback, “Pop!” released in June 2022, “This is easier than Pop!

Sana asked if she thought “Pop!” was more difficult to dance to than TWICE’s June 2020 single, “MORE & MORE.” Nayeon quickly agreed that “MORE & MORE” was easily TWICE’s most challenging routine to execute.

When asked where she would place “Pop!” in terms of ranking choreographies by difficulty, Nayeon said it would be just under “MORE & MORE.”

Maybe it was also harder for her to learn the choreography for “Pop!” without the support of her members.

TWICE’s Nayeon performing her solo “Pop!” with other dancers | TWICE/YouTube

“MORE & MORE” also notably features a dance break.

TWICE performing the dance break for “MORE & MORE” | TWICE/YouTube 

TWICE doesn’t seem afraid of challenging themselves with more complex dances, and it’s exciting to think about what they could try next.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes of TWICE’s dance practice for “Talk That Talk” below!

Source: TWICE/YouTube