TWICE’s Nayeon Was Shocked When She Learned Where Her Lost Glasses Were

A similar thing happened with Nayeon’s phone!

TWICE‘s Nayeon can be quite forgetful and clumsy, and there was one time where she lost her glasses. However, Nayeon was shocked when she learned where her glasses were.

TWICE’s Nayeon

During TWICE’s guest appearance in the Cultwo Show, they received numerous messages from fans, one of which was, “Miss Nayeon, did you really put your glasses in the fridge?” The hosts were a little confused by this, and Dahyun explained that she once found Nayeon’s glasses in their fridge!

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

Nayeon, however, still doesn’t fully believe that Dahyun found her glasses in the fridge since there’s no reason for her to put them there. Dahyun then shared that she really did find Nayeon’s glasses in the fridge and that she put them back in Nayeon’s room after finding them.

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

This isn’t the only thing that Nayeon has accidentally put in the fridge, as she revealed that she once left her phone in the fridge!

| Once Zone Subs/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!