TWICE’s Nayeon Tries To Spray ONCE With Water…But Ends Up Hitting The Security Guard Instead

She apologized when she realized her mistake!

TWICE‘s Nayeon tried to spray ONCE with water, but the water hit an unsuspecting security guard instead!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

TWICE performed two encore III tour shows at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles on May 14 and 15. These shows made them the first K-Pop girl group to ever perform at a stadium in the United States!


Just like the tour shows, the encore shows were filled with memorable performances, showstopping vocals and dance moves, and plenty of chaotic moments.

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During the performance of “Dance the Night Away” during the May 15 show, a few ONCEs asked Nayeon to throw water on them. Before she complied, she asked “are you sure, really?” to make sure that was really what the fans wanted.

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Nayeon splashed water from one of the bottles on stage in the fans’ direction, but most of the water ended up hitting a security guard.

When she realized the water had hit the security guard, she apologized and only continued splashing ONCE when the security guard said it was okay.

Nayeon spoke about the mishap during a live stream after the concert and apologized to the security guard once again.

Today, there were many ONCEs who asked me to splash water on them. Since they asked me to, I did it. But they were so far away, so the water splashed on the person who was guarding. So, I apologized to them, but they said it was okay. I’m so sorry.

— Nayeon

The other members burst out laughing as Nayeon told her story!

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ONCE who saw Nayeon apologize to the security guard were impressed by her sweetness, and the fans who were splashed by some of the water couldn’t be happier!