“It’ll Be Shameful” — The Stage Mistake TWICE’s Nayeon Never Wants To Make

She avoids it as best as she can.

TWICE are such talented performers that they sell out stadiums in Korea and overseas. But with so much pressure on them to consistently deliver spot-on performances, Nayeon shared the one stage mistake she avoids at all costs.

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

The singer sat down with Marie Claire Korea magazine to play the balance game. When they reached the topic of live broadcast mistakes, the magazine offered Nayeon the choice of mistakes with lyrics or choreography.

She chose choreography mistakes because it wouldn’t be as noticeable for one member to do the wrong dance moves. Nayeon explained, “I think it’s less obvious. Because we have nine members, and nine members often dance to different choreography simultaneously.

On the other hand, a mistake with lyrics would be a disaster. Nayeon continued, “It’ll be shameful if I make a mistake with the lyrics.

Forgetting lyrics can be a funny moment but also a bit embarrassing, even more so for vocalists.

| @nayeonyny/Instagram

Listen to Nayeon’s understandable reason for never wanting to make any mistakes with lyrics on stage.