TWICE’s Nayeon Is A Language Genius, According To Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

She has “no problem” with English.

According to Stray KidsBang Chan, TWICE‘s Nayeon is not only an extremely talented performer, but she also has the brains for languages.

During Bang Chan’s recent “Chan’s Room” broadcast, he took the time to react to Nayeon’s song “NO PROBLEM,” which features Stray Kids’ Felix.


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♬ NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids) – NAYEON

Bang Chan read a comment which commended Nayeon’s English on the track. The song is entirely in English, but Nayeon had no issues.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | Stray Kids/VLIVE 

The fact that Nayeon is so good at English reminded Bang Chan of a story. He talked about how there are certain people who learn English in school. While they might not be able to speak the language, they can understand it completely due to their level of knowledge.

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He never realized this was possible. Though Bang Chan later met people with this “power,” the first person he knew who had this ability was Nayeon.

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| Stray Kids/VLIVE   

In their trainee days at JYP Entertainment, Bang Chan sometimes spoke English with the others. Though Nayeon didn’t speak English, Bang Chan quickly realized that she could understand it.

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He was fascinated by this.

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Even if she isn’t fully fluent in English, Nayeon still has perfect pronunciation, such as in the song, “NO PROBLEM.”

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Bang Chan added that the next time he sees Nayeon, he’d “experiment” by speaking English to see if she’ll understand. He thinks she’ll be just fine.

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He ended by saying, “She has the brains for languages.”

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Impressive language ability isn’t the only skill Bang Chan thinks Nayeon has. He also believes he has a lot to learn from her performance-wise. You can read about it here.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Praises TWICE’s Nayeon And Says He Has A Lot To Learn From Her


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