TWICE Nayeon suffers emotional meltdown after winning award

Awards ceremonies are home to some of the sweetest and most beautiful moments in K-pop.

TWICE swept Korean music charts and eventually won the Song of the Year award at the 2016 Melon Music AwardsEmotions ran high at the ceremony where members broke down into tears of joy. At times like these, it’s not uncommon to see fellow group members comforting each other.

TWICE debuted just over a year ago. With such great early success, the young girl group left a strong impression on the K-pop industry. Winning the award represented the culmination of all their hard since the very first day.

Filled with emotion, Nayeon broke down in tears. Lovingly, Jungyeon brought her tissues while Jihyo remained at her side. They stayed with her, comforted her, but most importantly, cried with her.

Fans captured the tender moment on camera. Check it out below!

Watch TWICE receive the award in the video below!