TWICE Moved Nayeon To Tears When They Showered Her With Love And Support During The Filming For “POP!”

TWICE are family.

In the behind-the-scenes video for TWICE Nayeon‘s “POP!” music video, Nayeon mentioned missing her fellow members and hoped they would come to visit her on set.

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To her pleasant surprise, her members did show up despite their busy schedules. The first to visit were JeongyeonJihyo, and Dahyun.

Jihyo came with popcorn as a gift, while Jeongyeon brought mango bingsoo, which Nayeon had mentioned in passing that she was craving. Their little actions touched Nayeon’s heart deeply, and she insisted on boasting about their gifts to the camera.

Dahyun shared how she had visited Nayeon while Nayeon was still preparing for “POP!” and upon seeing Nayeon practice alone, it hit Dahyun that one of TWICE was really having a solo. This resulted in Dahyun bursting into tears of pride.

Nayeon showered Dahyun with gratitude and love, especially with Dahyun making time to visit despite her hectic schedule.

On the following day of filming, TWICE surprised Nayeon with a coffee truck.

Although Sana was in quarantine and unable to visit Nayeon in person, she made sure Nayeon knew that she was cheering Nayeon on.

It took everything she had for Nayeon to suppress her tears of thanks.

However, Nayeon couldn’t hold her tears back any longer when Mina and Tzuyu visited her on set. Though Nayeon seemed fine, the members noticed she was tired, and while unbelievably proud of her, they also couldn’t help but want to comfort her for the grueling three-day filming schedule.

Later, Momo and Chaeyoung visited along with Momo’s dogs, Boo and Dobby. Now that all her members had showered her with love and support, Nayeon was fully recharged and went through the rest of the day’s filming in high spirits.

At the end of the video, Nayeon shared that the tears and emotions her members felt were completely understandable, especially once she put herself in their shoes.

Along with their contract renewal and Japanese comeback, “Celebrate,” in which the self-written lyrics celebrate their past, present, and future together, TWICE are making sure that the whole world knows that their love for each other will last forever.