TWICE’s Nayeon Gets Real About The Struggles Of Touring

Although touring is fun, it does come with its own struggles.

Although TWICE‘s Nayeon has fun on tour, she admitted that there are a few struggles that come along with life on the road.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

In her TW-LOG from the III tour, Nayeon gave fans a glimpse into her life on the road. She showed fans what it’s like to hang out with the members backstage and showed how she prepares for English ending ments.

| TWICE/YouTube

Of course, Nayeon enjoyed performing with the members and seeing ONCE on tour. However, she did struggle a bit due to packing and traveling nearly every day while on tour. She said, “We pack every day. Because…we’re in different states every day.”

Because she was traveling so much on tour, Nayeon sometimes had a hard time remembering where she was. She also struggled with crossing time zones and losing an hour of each day. She said, “We lose an hour every day. So it’s hard to tell which state or country I am in.”

Although Nayeon did struggle a bit due to her extensive travels, she put on a great show during every single concert during the tour.

| Twice Candy/YouTube

Watch Nayeon’s full TW-LOG below.