TWICE’s Nayeon Scolds Chaeyoung For Forgetting Her Wallet…Even Though She Lost Her Own Wallet

Nayeon still offered to pay for Chaeyoung though!

TWICE‘s Nayeon lost her wallet, but that didn’t stop her from scolding Chaeyoung for forgetting hers!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung (left) and Nayeon (right) | TWICE/YouTube

On February 9, Nayeon did a voice-only live stream with Momo to tell ONCEs that she had lost the pink Chanel wallet that one of her mom’s friends had given to her as a gift.

| @Gotham_37/Twitter

Nayeon told fans that she retraced her steps at the JYP Entertainment building, at the dorm, and around the area of Seoul where she and Momo had been shopping, but she still couldn’t find her wallet. She asked fans to help her look for her wallet, and she notified the police that her wallet was missing.

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Finally, around February 21, Jihyo sent out a Bubble message to fans to let them know that Nayeon’s wallet had been found, but she didn’t say where it was found. At that time, TWICE was in the United States for their III tour.

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Although Nayeon lost her wallet, she couldn’t resist scolding Chaeyoung when she forgot hers at home before TWICE went to the airport to fly over to the United States. In her TW-LOG from the III tour, Nayeon filmed Chaeyoung telling her that she forgot her wallet at home. Chaeyoung said, “I forgot…my wallet.”

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Nayeon said, “How could you forget it? Get it together, Chaeyoung!”

Chaeyoung explained that she left the house thinking that she had everything with her, so she didn’t realize she had forgotten her wallet until it was too late to go back for it.

Although she scolded Chaeyoung for forgetting her wallet, Nayeon sweetly offered to pay for Chaeyoung while they traveled on tour. She said, “I’ll let you borrow from me.”

Fans thought Nayeon’s reaction to Chaeyoung forgetting her wallet was hilarious considering her wallet was missing at the time.

Check out Nayeon’s full TW-LOG below!