TWICE Nayeon’s True Personality Shone Through In Her Interactions With Her Dancers During The Filming For “POP!”

There’s a reason why Nayeon is so loved.

In a behind-the-scenes episode for TWICE Nayeon‘s “POP!” music video filming, the international superstar’s true personality shone through in her interactions with her dancers.

Although it was very late at night and already the second full day of shooting, Nayeon still had to film the pool party scene with her dancers. As she watched the dancers get into the pool, Nayeon started to worry since the water was cold.

| TWICE/YouTube

Since nothing would change even if she worried, Nayeon decided to give it her all, cheering on the dancers and rushing to provide them with hot packs whenever a break occurred.

Nayeon had experienced filming in cold water herself, so she knew how painful it was for her dancers to endure. Therefore, she put it upon herself to wrap up the choreography scene as quickly as possible for their sake.

After finishing, Nayeon exchanged a warm round of thanks with her dancers.

However, filming for Nayeon was yet to finish: she had one last scene with the trampoline before she could call it a night. Still, the dancers stayed behind to cheer her on, reciprocating her earlier actions and proving that Nayeon’s heart had touched theirs.

The filming for “POP!” took a total of three days. Though the most exhausted person would have been Nayeon, her energy and positivity constantly overflowed, encouraging everyone who filmed with her. When all the dance scenes finally concluded, Nayeon had a cute celebration with her dancers and once again thanked them for their hard work.

Everyone who worked on the film, from the staff to the dancers to Nayeon herself, poured their blood, sweat, and tears into “POP!”. Their hard work is much appreciated by everyone, as “POP!” has proven to be a much-beloved song of the summer, and the music video itself is worth watching over and over again for its bright visuals and jam-packed scenes.

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