TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals Why Tzuyu Avoided Her Eyes During Their “SIGNAL” Stages

Nayeon wasn’t the only member who she refused to look at.

In episode 151 of MMTG‘s Civilization Express, TWICE was the next group to have fun with funny MC Jae Jae and recall humorous behind-the-scenes moments from their past.

One of those moments was a part of their choreography for “SIGNAL” where Tzuyu had to keep her eyes from meeting Nayeon‘s or Sana‘s.

Since there’s a part in the choreography where Tzuyu makes hearts while the members are facing her, Jae Jae noted that it must’ve caused some funny moments: “I’m sure you laughed a lot when you made eye contact with the people [in front of] you.

Tzuyu confirmed she would end up meeting their eyes often, “We make lots of eye contact at this time.” That’s when Nayeon offered to reveal the funny moment between them, “Me. Me. Me.

Tzuyu began to laugh, already knowing where it was headed. “Yes, Nayeon.

Nayeon couldn’t resist attempting to make Tzuyu laugh. “So, Tzuyu kept avoiding my eye contact. Since I’m standing back, I made many funny faces.” No matter how hard she tried, Tzuyu wouldn’t risk a glance at Nayeon: “But, she won’t look at me.

Jae Jae noticed that Tzuyu spent a lot of time behind Sana during the performances, asking if Sana had tried a prank as well.

She ended up having the same experience as Nayeon, “I’ve been watching, but Tzuyu didn’t look back. So, I’ve rarely made eye contact.

Why did Tzuyu avoid all their eye contact? She shared the funniest response, “I’m a bit scared because the members are too talented and active.” Everyone burst into happy laughter.

Tzuyu is truly a professional for keeping a straight face during their “SIGNAL” stages—especially with such comedic members. See them laugh about it here.