TWICE’s Nayeon Has A Unique Sleeping Habit, And It Caused Her To Be Left Behind

The other members didn’t notice she was missing 😂

TWICE‘s Nayeon has a unique sleeping habit that led to a hilarious episode at their dorm! In a past radio show appearance, Mina revealed the story, and it had viewers laughing.

It all started when everyone except for Nayeon had gone to practice. Unfortunately, no one noticed that she was missing.

When she finally arrived at the practice room, everyone was curious about what had happened to her: “So we asked her, ‘What happened?’ when she showed up late. She said, ‘No one woke me up'”.

The reason why no one noticed she wasn’t awake yet? She apparently has the habit of completely hiding herself under a blanket!

Nayeon unnie has the habit of hiding herself in the blanket while sleeping, and I think that was why we didn’t know.

— Mina

Nayeon then narrated the events of that morning from her perspective. According to her, even their manager was surprised to see that she was still in the dorm.

So when I woke up, manager unnie who was in the dorm asked me why I was still here.

— Nayeon

She rushed to the practice room as quickly as she could and found all of her members already there.

Jihyo explained that her roommates didn’t wake her up because they all had different schedules. The radio host then suggested that it must have happened because of Nayeon’s small stature, hiding her from view.

Nayeon agreed and gave another explanation for it: “And the room is dark“.

Hear more funny stories from TWICE themselves in the full video below!

Source: Once Zone Subs