TWICE Nayeon’s hair has grown longer than ever

TWICE’s eldest member, Nayeon, had cut her hair short for her group’s previous comeback “TT,” but since then she’s grown her hair out and fans have noticed a huge difference in her atmosphere.

Nayeon has experimented with a variety of looks ranging from cute to sexy. This time, after going back to her signature long locks, fans are admiring her more mature appearance and aura. Many agree that she looks best with this classic natural style.

Check out some photos below of her long classy hair below:

Nayeon Long Hair.
Nayeon shows her sexy side during TWICE’s first solo concert, TWICELAND: The Opening.
Nayeon Long Hair.
Nayeon’s long hair matches this stage outfit perfectly.
Nayeon Long Hair.
Nayeon made her debut with long, black hair.
Nayeon Long Hair.
She is really a classic Korean beauty.

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Source: Pann