TWICE Nayeon’s Name Caused A Comical Case of Mistaken Identities For This One Fan

TWICE Nayeon‘s name was the source of some confusion for one fan on Twitter when they asked what her full name was and the original poster replied.

An international fan uploaded a photo of TWICE’s Nayeon at a fan signing event causing another user to ask if she was from TWICE or G-Friend and what her name was.

In response, a Nayeon fan replied, “im nayeon“. In a classic case of misinterpretation, the user who had asked the question thought the uploader meant “I’m Nayeon”, and was, therefore, not quite answering his question. The user then politely re-prompted the uploader to tell him who was in the picture using what they thought they now knew to be the uploader’s name: “OK, Nayeon can you please tell me the girl in the pictures name?”

To the amusement of anyone who came across this thread, the uploader, of course, came back with the same exact answer, “im nayeon”.

A hilarious case of mistaken identities.

The tweets have since been deleted, but this user’s mistake will live on and give many fans a good laugh.

Source: Joongang Ilbo