TWICE Nayeon’s Pre-debut Pictures Showcase Her Unchanging Natural Beauty

Pre-debut pictures can be an embarrassment for some, but TWICE Nayeon‘s pre-debut pictures only serve to prove that she has always had the same fresh-faced natural beauty.

TWICE’s Nayeon is known for a number of things, but one thing that never ceases to astonish fans is her natural and fairly unchanging beauty. Throughout her career with TWICE, Nayeon’s look has hardly changed and these pre-debut photos prove that her looks have been the same for a lot longer than simply her career.


Check out these pre-debut pictures of TWICE’s Nayeon that prove her beauty is unchanging:

Nayeon’s fresh face is simply radiant in this pre-debut photo.
Nayeon’s bright smile shines through her minimal, no-make-up look.
Nayeon has the kind of natural beauty that many would kill for.

Source: Instiz