TWICE Nayeon’s Reaction To Tzuyu’s Aegyo Is Everything

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Tzuyu were so sweet during their fan meeting event, until Nayeon caught Tzuyu displaying her aegyo charms.

Dressed as butterflies and looking as sweet as ever, TWICE greeted their fans at a recent event. Tzuyu paid the fans special attention by sending finger hearts and kisses to a few of the fans in the audience. However, when Nayeon saw Tzuyu’s aegyo, she rolled her eyes and pretended to gag into her hand!

These two always seem to have something to poke fun at each other about.

Watch Nayeon’s funny over-the-top response to Tzuyu’s aegyo below:

These two never stop teasing each other! Just a few weeks ago Tzuyu was attempting to escape from Nayeon’s aegyo kisses on a live broadcast.