TWICE Proved Once More They Are Oh My Girl’s Biggest Fangirls And The Feeling Is Mutual

Fans are melting over their sweet friendship.

ONCEs and Miracles know that the friendship between TWICE and Oh My Girl is a very special thing indeed. They’ve been fans of each other for years now and have forged a strong friendship that continues to melt hearts.


The two groups go back a long way. TWICE have demonstrated their love for the other group on multiple occasions.


They are always pointing out how cute the members are…


Dancing to their songs…


And just being complete fangirls!


But TWICE isn’t the only group that has a serious love for a fellow girl group. Oh My Girl has proven that they love TWICE just as much as they love them!


From sweet reactions to TWICE’s video message on their music show win…


To knowing a whole bunch of TWICE choreography, Oh My Girl has definitely shown they are fangirls of TWICE too!


And while all of their interactions have been incredibly sweet so far, fans have especially fallen for the latest interaction between the two groups.


On the latest episode of Idol Room featuring TWICE, the group was once again called out for being huge Oh My Girl fans.


And to put it to the test, the girls tried to recreate a famous video of Seunghee.


After showing off their moves, the members got a surprise when it was revealed Seunghee had watched the whole thing and was going to judge their moves.


Each of the members waited in anticipation to see who would be crowned the biggest fan…


And when it was finally revealed, Seunghee gave one last sweet message to the group before signing off!


Oh My Girl and TWICE have warmed many hearts with their sweet friendship and absolutely adorable love for each other and this latest interaction is just extra icing on the cake!