TWICE Opens Up On The Effects Of Mina’s Absence And How They’re Caring For Her

“There was an emptiness without her.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the magazine acknowledged that there have been many unfortunate events happening in the K-Pop world lately, making it even harder for groups to cope.


With this in mind, along with TWICE‘s own struggles, they asked how they’ve been handling Mina‘s absence.

Even though she’s been attending schedules here and there when she’s able, she’s been focusing on the road to recovering her health. Momo, Sana, and Tzuyu were the ones who tackled the questions about Mina and revealed their honest thoughts on the situation.

Momo admitted that there was a loneliness that followed the initial period of Mina’s hiatus. After seeing all the effort she was putting into reuniting with them, that feeling was replaced with knowing that Mina was doing her best to return to them and recover.

At first, not having Mina with us made us all feel lonely, and there was an emptiness without her. However, Mina is trying her best to participate, so even when she’s not with us in person, she’s still always with us in spirit. I really thank her for being there when she can, but I do believe that all members being healthy and happy is the priority.

Sana had quite a different perspective. Not having Mina physically by their side made her realize the importance of those who she cares about and showering them with love. It also made Sana realize one of the ways their team is strong: everyone has different struggles to face.

Not having Mina there really made me realize that I have to cherish people and show them I love them as much as I can. Everybody has their own hardships and their own struggles. Because of this, I think we became a stronger team overall.

Although Mina might not be with them all the time, Tzuyu knows deep down in her heart that she’ll return stronger than ever to complete them as nine. Since Mina has always taken care of them, Tzuyu realizes that it’s time for them to do the same for her.

We were all relieved to hear that Mina will come back after resting. I am sure that she will join us on stage again someday, and I really thank her for doing her best to overcome her struggles. She thought about us and cared for us, even when she wasn’t feeling well, and we all want her to get better. We really depend on each other to get through any hardships in our lives.

Mina has left behind a spot that will never be filled until she’s fully healthy and prepared to retake it. Until that time comes, the members of TWICE will be patiently waiting and keeping her with them in spirit.

Source: Harper\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Bazaar