TWICE performs hilarious cover of “Playing With Fire”

The members of girl group TWICE never fail to please their fans with their cheerful and quirky behavior. Recently, they pleasantly surprised their fans by attempting an adorable cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Playing with Fire.”

TWICE and BLACKPINK are undoubtedly two of the most talked about girl groups of 2016. Despite the differences in their concepts and styles, both groups are known to be on friendly terms with each other. In fact, TWICE’s Nayeon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo have been close friends since their pre-debut days and their interactions with each other on music shows and award events have become legendary.  Both groups have won over their fans heart with their drop-dead gorgeous visuals, charming personalities, and catchy songs.

BLACKPINK ‘s latest song, “Playing with Fire” has been hugely popular, with more than 60 million views on Youtube since its release. Due to the song’s popularity, fans and idols alike have attempted their own cover of the songs’ dance steps. To the fans’ delight, TWICE can also be seen dancing to the song on a live broadcast. In the 42 seconds clip, each member can be seen feeling the rhythm of the song while showing off their goofy dance steps.


This is not the first time TWICE has danced to this song, however. In their recent trip to Australia, member Dahyun was seen showing her dorky dance move to the song:

Bonus: DIA’s Eunjin Playing With Fire Cover