TWICE Picks Their Favorite “Hidden” TWICE Songs

These songs hold a special place in TWICE’s heart.

On V LIVE‘s Hidden Track No. V, 4 members of TWICE picked their favorite TWICE songs that might not have gotten a lot of attention.

Dahyun – “The Best Thing I Ever Did”

Dahyun picked TWICE’s 2018 Christmas single “The Best Thing I Ever Did” because it has a special meaning to TWICE: it was released on December 12. 12/12. 1 = ONCE, 2 = TWICE. (ONCETWICE/ONCETWICE!)

Momo – “Do It Again”

Momo picked “Do It Again,” which was a final challenge song on SIXTEEN that became a sub-single on TWICE’s debut mini album. Momo feels that it’s an exciting song that fits them well.

Tzuyu – “Like OOH-AHH”

Tzuyu picked TWICE’s classic debut song “Like OOH-AHH” because compared to their other songs, this song is more energetic and powerful.


Sana picked YES or YES‘s “AFTER MOON” because TWICE doesn’t have many calm songs, and “AFTER MOON” is a very calm song.

Watch the full videos on Hidden Track No. V‘s V LIVE channel.

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