TWICE Pulled A Prank On Jihyo That Made Everyone Laugh Once They Got Over Their Confusion

The prank was so innocuous and innocent, no one thought twice about it.

When TWICE posted a cute picture of Sana fixing Jihyo‘s hair, fans didn’t think twice about it. The photo was captioned from Jihyo’s point-of-view, telling fans, “I’m going to do this hairstyle tomorrow. What do you think?”

Later, however, ONCEs were surprised to see TWICE comment on their own post exclaiming, “What. Who uploaded this pretending to be me? Lol.”

It was revealed that it was actually Jeongyeon posing as Jihyo!

Although Jeongyeon and Jihyo don’t particularly look alike, their hair is cute and styled similarly enough that the girls were able to pull this trick off.

Can you see the similarities in their hairstyles? Were you tricked by their prank?

If you were Jihyo, what would you do to prank your groupmates back?