TWICE’s Dahyun Played It Sexy, But The Other Members Couldn’t Bear To Watch It

We love Dahyun!

TWICE’s Dahyun, who is usually known to be the most calm out of the members, knows how to entertain an audience when the time comes!

Here are the different reactions of the members after seeing Dahyun acting rather sexy(?) on stage!

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Dahyun looks rather cute when trying to be sexy!

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Starting with Tzuyu, she looks quite embarrassed as she hides her face after seeing Dahyun’s sexy pose. Sana, on the other hand, finds it cute as she slaps Dahyun’s behind!

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Jihyo seems to feel the embarrassment for Dahyun instead as she covers her face with a towel. Momo, although feeling embarrassed as well, can’t help but look over and watch.

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Jeongyeon acts as if she’s getting a nosebleed due to Dahyun’s sexiness. Nayeon, pretending to take care of Jeongyeon’s nose bleed, jokes that this happened all because of Dahyun! Chaeyoung, although on board with the nose bleed cosplay, can’t help but to look proud at Dahyun!

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Mina revealed that although Dahyun is usually very calm normally, she is the one that shows her duality the most when the time is right. She also added that she truly respected Dahyun’s wit and humor that she shows on variety shows.

ONCEs all know she’s the duality queen and we love her for it!

Source: theqoo