TWICE Reflect On Their Trainee Dreams And How They’ve Achieved Them Since Debut

They’ve already accomplished so much in 6 years!

TWICE are rapidly approaching their 6th anniversary since debut. After a long and accomplished year filled with impressive comebacks, the group has their sights set on a full-length album to close out the year. With all of this in mind, some members decided to look back on how far they’ve come since their debut.

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During an interview with Bustle, the members shared their thoughts. For Dahyun, her trainee dreams involved making it to the top of the music charts. The group has not only done this numerous times over but has now broken international ground by entering Billboard‘s Hot 100 as well.

Dahyun | @kimdahyun_th/Twitter

When talking about how she achieved these dreams, Dahyun couldn’t help but credit the support she’s received from ONCE over all of the years.

Through my journey as a part of TWICE, I heard people saying that our music and presence brought energy into their lives. Whenever I heard these kind words, I also felt enthusiasm and that propelled me forward to keep on showing my best efforts onstage.


Dahyun | TWICE/Facebook

Tzuyu had more international dreams, which may have come from her life as a Taiwanese trainee. “My dream when I first became part of TWICE was holding concerts both home and overseas,” she shared.

Tzuyu | @moonchildscy/Twitter

This has been achieved many times over by the group who recently announced through their “The Feels” MV that they are currently planning a new world tour. With all these opportunities, Tzuyu can live her dream of “meeting lots and lots of fans, and one day, meeting fans from all over the world.”

Tzuyu | TWICE/Facebook

Sana was also an international trainee like Tzuyu. She shared that her dreams involved becoming “so famous that my family in Japan would see me on TV.”

Sana | @nayeonnah/Twitter

TWICE has built support in Japan over the years and continues to have multiple Japanese comebacks a year, including one planned for December 2021. For Sana, this means she’s been given many chances to perform for her family.

I remember when we performed for an end of the year performance once in Japan; it was the first time that my family saw me live onstage and they loved it. It made me really happy to see them happy.


Sana | TWICE/Facebook

Compared with where the group began as trainees competing on a survival show, it’s incredible to see all the achievements they’ve earned. Momo summarised the group’s journey best at the end of their interview.

When we started, we had a mixture of both really small dreams and big dreams. Some of the dreams could be described as trivial. Six years later, we’ve accomplished so much. It’s shocking, almost, when I think about how much we’ve accomplished and how much of that dream actually came true.


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Source: Bustle