TWICE To Release Second Japanese Album, Chaeyoung Reveals Why She Wanted To Compose A Song

Chaeyoung’s reasoning is sure to resonate with fans.

TWICE will be releasing a second Japanese album called &TWICE on November 20. Additionally, member Chaeyoung participated in writing “How U Doin'”, which marks the first time in Japan that a song will be written by a member.

It will feature a total of ten songs, including the lead track “Fake & True”, their fourth single song “HAPPY HAPPY” (which was released in July), and their fifth single song “Breakthrough”.

The album’s title &TWICE was cleverly created in that anyone could use the blank area left ahead of the ampersand to create infinite possibilities and it becomes inclusive of all the people who become familiar with this work. Furthermore, the meaning of “and TWICE” includes the idea of “always with TWICE” and a message for all ONCE.

Chaeyoung shared her thoughts on composing saying, “TWICE has many bright love songs, so I wanted to write a sad parting song and decided to participate in the songwriting and composition.”

The melody is not depressing or sad, on the contrary, it brightly responds, ‘I’m fine!’


“This is a breakup song, and after you hear the words from the title “How u doin'”, ‘how are you doing?’ ‘yes, I’m fine’, but as a matter of fact, that’s not the case, but I would dare to say that.”

After parting, I think the best answer to the questions, ‘Isn’t it hard?’ and ‘How are you?’ is to just say, ‘I’m fine’.


&TWICE will be released on Wednesday, November 20. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Fake & True

2. Stronger

3. Breakthrough

4. Changing!


6. What You Waiting For

7. Be OK


9. How u doin’

10. The Reason Why

There will be three editions released: a limited edition, normal edition, and ONCE JAPAN Limited Edition.

Limited Edition A [CD + DVD] will be  ¥ 7,727 + tax (¥ 8,500 including tax). (Roughly $71.58 USD, $78.74 USD after-tax.) The DVD contents will include “Fake & True” music video, “Fake & True” music video making movie, “HAPPY HAPPY” dance making video in Hawaii, “HAPPY HAPPY” dance practice video in Hawaii, Hawaii shooting movie, and jacket shooting movie. It will also include a lyrics booklet (planned for 20 pages) and one random trading card (10 types in total).

The normal record [CD] will be ¥ 3,000 + tax (¥ 3,300 including tax). (Roughly $27.79 USD, $30.57 USD after-tax.) It includes a lyrics booklet (planned for 20 pages) and one randomly enclosed trading card (10 types in total).

ONCE JAPAN Limited Edition [CD] will be ¥ 3,200 + tax (¥ 3,520 with tax). (Roughly $29.64 USD, $32.62 USD after-tax.) The ONCE JAPAN Limited Edition will only be offered to members of the “ONCE JAPAN” fan club, with reservations running from September 6 to November 21 at 23:59 (JST). It includes a lyrics booklet (planned for 32 pages), 3 x 3 folded poster, one member message-printed trading card included randomly (10 types in total), and a bonus serial code for an app.


Source: realsound