TWICE Revealed How They’re Treated Differently, Now That They’re The Oldest Girl Group At JYP

There’s only 1 junior female artist that doesn’t treat TWICE this way.

While it might be hard to believe, TWICE is currently the oldest girl group at JYP Entertainment!

During a live broadcast, the members were asked about their thoughts on the number of new artists joining the company.

The members shared that when all these new artists started joining the company, they started to realize that they were the longest-running girl group at the company.

Nayeon then shared that due to this status, a lot of people at the company tend to avoid them.

Jihyo agreed with her statement, as she stated that junior artists would always cautiously say hello to her, and walk away whenever they saw her.

Nayeon also shared a story of how she was lying down at the company’s lounge, waiting for her turn to record music.

When junior artists walked into the lounge, they immediately apologized to her and left.

Nayeon was shocked, as the lounge was meant to be used by everyone. She ended up telling all the artists to come back in, but they refused her offer.

The members also shared that there’s one junior artist that doesn’t treat TWICE this way, and that’s ITZY‘s Chaeryeong.

This is because Chaeryeong trained alongside a lot of the TWICE members and participated in SIXTEEN alongside them, so she has a much closer relationship with the members.

Here’s the full video below!