TWICE Reveals The Delightful Answer To A Question Fans Have Been Wondering About

Did the answer make you happy?

TWICE have been together for five years now, living together since their trainee days. But now that they’re super successful and have more than enough money to buy their own luxury homes, fans want to know whether they still live together… Or not.

Well, in a livestream from Dahyun‘s birthday, they unintentionally answered the question on everyone’s minds!

During their stream, Jeongyeon brought up the fact that the girls still live together when she mentioned Sana’s candles!

Source: zeedaine/Twitter

Apparently, the members can smell the candles from Sana’s room…

Source: zeedaine/Twitter

… Which, of course, only happens when you live together! 🤭

Source: zeedaine/Twitter

With that question answered, fans have shared their belief that the group likely moved to a new dorm and each member has their own room.


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