TWICE Reveals Why They Chose Jihyo To Be The Group’s Leader

Jihyo is a great leader!

In light of their comeback with “Alcohol-Free,” TWICE recently made their star appearance on Jessi‘s Showterview With Jessi!

| @jessishow_official/Instagram

At the start of the episode, Jessi was seen working hard to memorize the members of TWICE and she did an amazing job!

Later on, Jessi commented, “What I was wondering was is, who is the leader?“After Jihyo introduced herself as TWICE’s leader, the members revealed how she became the leader.

Jihyo revealed that the position of leader was based on a vote among all the members. Nayeon added, “We always abide by the decision of the majority!

Upon hearing how the leader was decided, fellow MC asked the funny question, “It’s that she was popular? Or is it that she’s reliable?

As the members giggled they confirmed they chose Jihyo because of her dependability. Nayeon also added that Jihyo is also the member who’s been a part of the company the longest.

Jo Jung Shik turned to Nayeon, the oldest member, “As the eldest, haven’t you felt disappointed or something?

Nayeon turned to Jihyo and replied without hesitation, “Not at all.” Jessi commented that not being the leader might actually be better and Nayeon agreed. Instead, Jessi claimed that being the “Leader in the back” is better than the actual leader.

Jessi and Nayeon are right! Being the leader of such a successful group must be difficult but Jihyo makes it look easy!

Check out the video below: