TWICE Reveals The Secret Meaning Behind The Numbers On Their Shirts

TWICE engraved their favorite numbers on their Japanese promotion T-shirts, and the members revealed why they chose the specific numbers!

Jihyo chose 21 as her number, not only because her birthday is February 1st, but also because TWICE represents 2 and ONCE represents one.

Chaeyoung revealed her favorite number is 29, simply because she was 18 years old at the time, and 2 times 9 is equal to 18.

Mina chose 37 as her favorite number because 37 is pronounced as Mi (3) Na (7) in Japanese.

Momo chose 64 because her father was a football player, who’s jersey number was 64.

Source: @dailyhiraimomo

Sana chose 12 because her birthday is in December, while Dahyun chose 7 because her birthday is July 7th.

Source: @hamtarozaki

Nayeon explained that she chose 9 because there are nine members in TWICE, and her birthday is also in September.

Jeongyeon chose 0 because it’s simply her favorite number.

Tzuyu chose 25 because she simply thought it was a cute number!

The fans certainly enjoy seeing why their favorite biases chose their favorite number!