TWICE Reveals The Member Who Keeps All Their Secrets Safe

If you want to know all the tea on TWICE, she’d be the member who has it.

Among a group of friends, there’s always someone who everyone tells their secrets to. No matter what, they’ll keep those secrets safe.

In the middle of TWICE playing Superlatives with Seventeen magazine, the members ended up revealing who has all the tea on them. There was even more than one.

After finding out the question was, “Who is the best at keeping secrets?” there were four members who thought they fit the role: MomoDahyun, Mina, and Tzuyu. Out of them all, there was one who took the most votes as the most trustworthy.

The title went to none other than Dahyun, “I think it’s me, too.” Although others like Momo were also pretty skilled in keeping secrets, there was a particular reason why Dahyun was the top choice.

Jeongyeon explained that it was because of Dahyun’s personality. She’s not the talkative type, even when it comes to talking about herself. That lets everyone know she’ll keep her lips sealed, “Dahyun doesn’t say much, even about herself.”

Sana couldn’t agree more about how quiet and humble Dahyun typically was, “Yeah, she doesn’t [even talk] about her own stuff.”

If anyone needs the tea about TWICE, Dahyun would be the member to go to—if she wasn’t so skilled at keeping those secrets to herself.

See the group praise her quiet personality that keeps all of them at ease.