TWICE Reveals Which Members Take The Longest To Learn Their Choreography

ONCEs wouldn’t be surprised.

When TWICE stuns us with their amazing synchronization, it’s often after countless hours of hard work.

In an interview for JTBC Entertainment’s Stage K, the girls were asked to choose the member who is the fastest to learn the choreography.

In response, the members unanimously chose Momo.

Momo also revealed that Nayeon and Mina were quick to pick up choreography as well.

Sana mentioned that Dahyun was quick on the uptake too.

Sana then revealed that JeongyeonJihyo, and herself were in fact the slowest among the members to pick up choreography!

The members burst out laughing, and consoled the trio by telling them that it was okay.

You can watch thier full Q&A with Stage K below.

Source: newsinside


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