TWICE Reveals The Positive Aspects Of Themselves They Always Want To Protect

There’s parts of themselves they’ll never let anyone or anything change.

TWICE are featured in the February issue of Japanese magazine MORE, due out next month. In a few pages from the spread, they opened up about topics such as their album Fake & True and who they’d like to collaborate with.


One question was a bit more serious than the others, focusing on them as individuals.

The magazine asked TWICE what personality trait or mindset of theirs do they want to protect from ever changing. Dahyun, Momo, and Jeongyeon were the members who tackled the question.

Since Dahyun has the ability to maintain her positivity, despite all of the outside factors that could negatively impact it, she never wants to lose her mindset of positive thinking. Contrary to what people typically think, continually having a positive mindset is one of the hardest skills to master. If Dahyun has found the right balance, no wonder she’d never want anything to interfere with it.

Many people go through life without facing their fears and avoiding everything that scares them. Momo doesn’t live her life that way, missing out on experiences. She instead challenges herself to try whatever she’s interested in. That’s precisely why she wants to protect that habit. She wants to continue living fearlessly and experiencing new things.

What Jeongyeon wants to protect is similar to Momo’s. Her personality doesn’t let her beat around the bush when she has something on her mind. Instead, Jeongyeon outright expresses what she’s thinking. That straightforwardness is something she wants to protect. Many people are afraid to share their thoughts, for fear of hurting others or simply shyness. Jeongyeon never wants to lose her backbone.


As idols, Dahyun, Momo, and Jeongyeon share parts of themselves with the world through the work they do. Through it all, there are some parts of themselves they want to protect for their own happiness.