TWICE Reveals What They Did During Their Quarantine Days Off

Here’s what they did.

Ever wondered how TWICE chooses to use their free time?

Dahyun, Tzuyu, Sana, and Momo guested on a recent episode of Idol On The Quiz, where they shared what they’ve been up to during their days off.

Comedian and host Jung Hyung Don broached the topic by mentioning how they probably have a lot more free time because of the pandemic.

The girls agreed, and Dahyun shared that they had been preparing a new song, but Jung Hyung Don couldn’t believe that that’s all they’ve been doing for 6 months.

Tzuyu was next to speak up and reveal their whereabouts.

Sana further explained that they worked on both Japanese and Korean versions of a song.

Unfortunately for them, Jung Hyung Don wasn’t satisfied with their answers! He couldn’t believe that all they did was work, so Sana clarified that they did, in fact, have some days off.

At long last, Tzuyu finally gave the long awaited answer. Surprisingly, the girls do what most people do when they aren’t working—resting, sleeping, and eating!

Catch more of TWICE in the full clip below.