TWICE Is Rumored To Be Touring The USA Next Year

We can only hope this rumor is true!

We all know that TWICE is a well-loved group with fans from all around the world. While lucky fans in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia got to see the girl group in concert, many North American ONCEs have been wondering if they’ll ever get to see the members in their area.


Fans first got a glimpse of what it would be like when TWICE performed at KCON LA and gave a few interviews. While the girls confirmed that they would love to go on tour to meet even more of their fans, it didn’t sound like there were any plans for it.


Until now that is! NH Investments and Securities released information about how JYP Entertainment is doing in the third quarter and made their predictions for the fourth quarter as well as next year. While it’s predicted that JYP Entertainment will continue to rise, it’s why they made these predictions that are of interest!


Because as a part of next years predictions, the investment company directly made a reference to TWICE’s U.S. concert!

“Next year, a new girl group will debut in January and TWICE’s U.S. concert will be held. It is expected that JYP Entertainment will strengthen its growth momentum by securing lineups and expanding into the U.S. The possibility of stable performance growth and global re-rating are valid.”

— NH Investments and Securities


Since we already know that JYP Entertainment has been planning to debut a new girl group, this means that this information could be correct and TWICE really will be coming to the U.S!


Although this is currently a rumor as JYP Entertainment has yet to confirm or deny the information, ONCEs all around the world can’t help but be excited!

Source: Asia Today