TWICE’s Sana Reveals Why She Used To Think A 1-Year Age Gap Among Friends Was Insurmountable

Sana wasn’t that close to older students when she was younger.

In a recent live broadcast, TWICE‘s Sana spoke about why she used to think a 1-year age gap among friends was huge.

TWICE’s Sana

A fan asked Sana for advice on how to be friends with someone older than them.

Sana shared that she was close to these twins, who were a year older than her.

Sana went to the same grade and middle school as these twins. Sana would sometimes talk to older students who were close to these twins.

However, most of the twins’ friends were the same age as Sana.

Due to this, Sana wasn’t really close to many older students, and she felt that even a 1-year age gap was a lot!

While this was Sana in the past, she now has several friends who are older than her!

Source: Naver Live