TWICE’s Sana wows everyone with amazing pencil trick

TWICE‘s Sana left her members and fans in awe after performing this difficult pencil trick.

Sana recently impressed everyone on episode five of TWICE’s reality program, TWICE: <Lost Time>, that is broadcasted on their V Live channel. The members of the popular girl group were each presented with their personal missions, and Sana was tasked with balancing sharp pencils on the back of her hand and then catching them all after throwing them in one go. She started with one pencil and continued adding a pencil until she was able to do it with five, in order to succeed in her mission.

Dahyun was just as focused on Sana’s mission as she was.

Sana is full of determination to clear her mission.

Like a boss! Does she do this often?

No one has ever been happier than Sana at catching 5 sharp pencils.

TWICE’s Sana can now add another talent to her repertoire: pencil tricks. It may not do well for her on stage, but it might impress somebody at a party. On top of being great at catching multiple pencils at once, Sana is also a great singer, dancer, and cook! A true jack of all trades.