Here’s Why TWICE’s Sana Began Kissing Mina’s Forehead During Concerts

This is what Mina thinks of it.

TWICE‘s Sana didn’t always kiss Mina‘s forehead during their performances of “TT”. Now fans finally know what made them do it!

When the girls guested on an episode of MMTG at the end of October, Sana and Mina finally spilled the backstory on how it all started.

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Sana revealed that she eventually grew tired of the original choreography, where she pretended to apply skincare on Mina.

It was so boring doing the same skincare so I was like, ‘What should I do?‘ And I started off with the balm, the cleansing, then the face mask, and this and that.

— Sana

It didn’t take long before she decided to do something much more exciting.

Mina was quite understandably surprised by the sudden move!

When she did that for the first time, she didn’t talk about it at all beforehand. All of a sudden, she kissed me, so I was really surprised. I was like ‘Huh‘?

— Mina

Although no one was more surprised by Sana’s kiss than Mina herself, she has since become completely accepting of it.

I was surprised, but now I’m used to it. When we have concerts, we do this playfully.

— Mina

When asked if she now looks forward to it, she simply re-enacted the choreography, this time joking that she thinks, “What will she do today?

Sana and Mina are so cute when it happens that hopefully it’s here to stay!

Catch more of TWICE in the full interview below.

Source: MMTG, zaki_SADA and Cỏ dại