TWICE’s Sana Broke Down In Tears Because Of A Recent Conversation With Her Mother

This will break your heart.

TWICE‘s Sana had to move from Japan to Korea after becoming a trainee, and this had a big impact on her mother.

TWICE’s Sana

During an episode of Radio Star, Sana shared that she recently had a conversation with her mother about her trainee days. 

During their conversation, her mother told her that she really wanted to support her going to Korea and wanted to help her as much as possible.

However, Sana’s mother was saddened by the fact that her daughter was leaving and that she was no longer going to physically be with Sana. Also, the fact that Sana was leaving at such a young age saddened her.

Sana’s mother then revealed to her that she missed her a lot during that time and that she was lonely.

However, Sana’s mother never told any of this to her, as she felt that it would burden her or even cause her to come back to Japan.

After her mother revealed this, Sana couldn’t help but cry due to how bad she felt for her mother, as well as how grateful she was.

Here’s the full video below!