TWICE’s Sana And Chaeyoung Open Up About Their Greatest Concern When They Heard They Were Debuting

It wasn’t all happiness.

TWICE‘s Sana and Chaeyoung recently enjoyed an intimate lunch date by the Han River. They talked about the member they want to go on a date with and their greatest challenge as a trainee.

Sana (left) and Chaeyoung (right)

Towards the end of their lunch, they also opened up about a pivotal moment of their lives—when they were announced as winners in reality show Sixteen which determined the debut lineup of TWICE.

Sana was the one who brought up the topic, asking Chaeyoung, “How did you feel when you heard that you made it as one of TWICE?

Contrary to expectations, Chaeyoung admitted that she initially felt worried. One of her greatest concerns was how she would get along with her members.

Her worries, however, were soon laid to rest after she realized that all of them were genuinely kind people. She revealed that they got along so well, they never had any major fights.

I was worried. It was unexpected. I was concerned, but all of you are so nice. We’ve never had a big fight, and our relationship is pretty good. Even from the beginning, I think I knew we’d get along.

— Chaeyoung

Sana agreed and shared what she personally felt when her name was called. For her, the moment didn’t feel real. When the shock wore off and she learned more about her members, she appreciated them even more.

They are no longer the same people that they were in Sixteen, but Sana wouldn’t have it any other way!

Same here. It was really surreal. The nine of us are just TWICE. We changed over the years, and I love who we’ve become.

— Sana

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Source: YouTube