TWICE’s Sana Confessed Her Love To A Boy In Kindergarten… And His Reaction Wasn’t What She Expected

Sana gave him a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day!

The TWICE members have shared many interesting stories throughout the years, and Sana once spoke about the unexpected way a boy reacted when she confessed to him!

TWICE’s Sana | TWICE/YouTube

Tzuyu once asked Sana and Jeongyeon if they had ever confessed to someone in the past, and Sana jokingly said that she confesses to herself all the time.

| Madao TV/YouTube

Tzuyu then got specific and asked them if they had ever confessed to a male in the past, and the two shared that they did in Kindergarten.

| Madao TV/YouTube

Sana then went a bit more in-depth and revealed that she gave a box of chocolates to a boy she liked on Valentine’s day in Kindergarten.

| Madao TV/YouTube

The boy ended up crying due to how touched he was by Sana’s gift!

| Madao TV/YouTube

The boy and his mother later went to Sana’s house and thanked her for the kind gift!

| Madao TV/YouTube

What an interesting reaction!

TWICE’s Sana

Here’s the full video below!