TWICE’s Sana Has A Cute Onstage Habit That You Might Not Have Noticed

Have you seen her doing this?

TWICE‘s Sana is full of cute habits, and ONCE learned about yet another one of her adorable habits in Momo‘s TW-LOG from the III tour.

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

While the members were hanging out backstage, Jihyo mentioned that she gets re-energized on stage when she sees Momo “dancing so hard” in front of her.

Jeongyeon agreed and said she looks at Momo and Jihyo when she gets tired on stage.

After Jeongyeon said she looked to Momo and Jihyo for energy, Chaeyoung mentioned that she noticed Jeongyeon looking at her often on stage, too.

From there, the conversation turned to Sana’s cute habit as the members talked about how Sana constantly looked at all the other members while performing on stage.

Jihyo said, “She makes eye contact with everyone. Whenever I look at her, she’s looking at me.” 

Sounds like Sana loves connecting with her fellow members on stage!

Watch Momo’s full TW-LOG below.