TWICE’s Sana And Dahyun Reveal Their First Impressions Of Each Other

They even remembered some of the smallest details!

TWICE‘s Sana And Dahyun recently sat down with Newsen and took a chemistry test. The members were asked several questions about both the group and each other individually and had to guess the same answer.

The first question was simple enough, asking where the two members had first met. Although it took a few seconds for the members to remember, they correctly answered in a practice room in the JYP Entertainment building. Dahyun even remembered that it was in a room on the fourth floor!

Sana pointed out that, before the two met, there was a girl who looked similar to Dahyun. So when they first met, that was one of the first things she thought, and Dahyun seemed to know exactly who she was talking about!

Dahyun then remembered what Sana was like as a trainee, particularly the way she used to dress!

When I first saw you, you always carried an iPad this big and wore black sweatpants with elastic bands around your ankles.

— Dahyun

Considering how long the members have known each other, it’s sweet to know how they still remember even the smallest details from when they first met!

You can watch the whole video below!

Source: Newsen