TWICE’s Sana And Dahyun Speak On The Time When They Accidentally “Broke The Heart” Of A Fan

They clarified why they reacted the way they did.

When K-Pop idols do a live broadcast, they often read fan comments, and this can sometimes lead to hilarious moments. This was the case for TWICE‘s Sana and Dahyun!

TWICE recently guested on an episode of Radio Star, and the hosts brought up a moment when Sana and Dahyun accidentally “broke the heart” of a fan during a live broadcast. During the live broadcast, the fan told Sana and Dahyun that he was going back to the military since the holidays were concluding. However, rather than looking sad, Dahyun and Sana screamed in joy and said, “Congratulations!

Dahyun and Sana couldn’t help but laugh looking back at this moment and clarified what had happened. Dahyun stated that most of the comments were saying positive things, such as, “It’s my birthday today“, so the whole vibe of the live broadcast was pretty positive.

So, when they saw the fan’s comment about going back to the military, they were swayed by the vibe and accidentally congratulated him.

Sana then shared that she didn’t understand what the fan meant when he said “going back“, so she looked at Dahyun. However, Dahyun was happy, so Sana just followed what Dahyun was doing.

Here’s the full video below!