TWICE’s Sana And DAY6’s Young K Surprised Stray Kids By Crashing Their Live Broadcast

Young K immediately had everyone laughing.

To celebrate their comeback with their first full-length album Go Live, Stray Kids held a live broadcast. Since they have many seniors under JYP Entertainment, two of them decided to stop by and make unexpected but welcome appearances.

While Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han were settling in, TWICE‘s Sana popped her head. It was so unexpected that Changbin gasped, “I was really surprised,” making everyone else turn around to see what was happening.

After they all greeted her, Sana joined them, waving as she greeted all the viewers. Since they hadn’t been expecting her, Bang Chan looked like he was having a mental breakdown. Curious to find out why, he politely asked, “What brings you here?”

Laughing with her adorable smile, Sana explained that she’d been drawn in by all the commotion. She wanted to see what was going on. “I saw lots of people. I was practicing dancing, and I wanted to check it out.”

After Sana spent some time talking and laughing with them, there was another unexpected guest that appeared, giving Bang Chan another mental breakdown.

When they’d all least been expecting it, DAY6‘s Young K casually walked through the door. Sana spotted him first, her eyes widening, “Oh, what’s this! Oppa!” Bang Chan and Changbin’s mouths dropped open in surprise.

He greeted them, giving Sana a high-five. Young K had no clue what was going on, though. Looking around at all of them there, he held up a hand to his chest, asking, “What’s the occasion?”

Unlike Sana, he didn’t have a particular reason for showing up. He had a feeling that was the place he needed to visit. Young K explained, “I just stopped by.”

Stray Kids truly have thoughtful seniors who are willing to check on them and spare time for a little chat. See how shook Han, Changbin, and Bang Chan became from Sana and Young K’s surprise, beginning at the sixteen-minute mark and then at twenty-seven minutes in.